Ways Seniors Can Support Their Mental Health

Ways Seniors Can Support Their Mental Health

Just like your physical health, your mental health too becomes vulnerable to illnesses as you age. There are so many things that expose you to mental illness once you are 65 years and above. Lack of good mental health is dangerous to you as it can lead to depression, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and other neurological conditions. Knowing what to do to support your mental health can help you keep mental illnesses at bay and you will age with great mental health. Let’s take a look at what people over 65 can do to support their mental health.

  1. Let out that which is bothering you

Let’s face it! You are human, and you are liable to do countless mistakes, of which some of them can be very serious. We all make mistakes and it is in the nature of humans. Having been around for more than 60 decades, you must have committed some mistakes that may be bothering you now. You may have also gone through hurtful experiences that are now bothering you. If you allow these things to bother you, you are simply putting your mental health on the line. Whatever it is that you did, and that is bothering you and is somehow haunting you, you have to let it all out. You can let it out by writing it down on paper.

  1. Practice forgiveness

You have been around for more than 65 years so get 2020 Medicare Supplement Plans and head to https://www.2020medicaresupplementplans.com. In fact, many people will still wrong you as long as you live. Holding grudges is dangerous to your mental health as it negatively affects your mood, and with time, it will definitely affect your mental health negatively. If you want to support your mental health, start practicing forgiveness today. Many studies show that seniors who forgive people who hurt them live happily, are more satisfied with themselves, and have improved mental health.

  1. Choose socialization

Based on statistics, many senior citizens experience loneliness most of the time. Loneliness is not good for your mental health. If you allow yourself to feel lonely, it will impact your mental health negatively with time. It can eventually lead to anxiety, depression, and other serious mental illnesses. Isolation is normally the main cause of the feeling of loneliness in senior citizens across the world. So, socialization is the best way to avoid loneliness and support your mental health. Start socializing with people, share your problems, have coffee together, and engage is social activities.

  1. Smile

Smiling helps in calming people down. Whenever you are faced with a tough situation, take a deep breath and smile. It will help lower your heart rate, calm you down, and prevent the production of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. If you develop a habit of smiling most of the time, your mental health will stay intact as you grow older.