Your retirement should be a time of personal growth and not personal deterioration

Your retirement should be a time of personal growth and not personal deterioration

While in labor market or professional field, you will hear employers, mentors and employees talk of personal growth. Personal growth is something is very much associated with employment. Before you retire, your employer would want you to grow as a person and become an exceptional employee in the company. Personal growth during employment era is aimed at working towards achieving company’s goals and targets. However, this changes as soon as you are granted retirement at the age of 65, personal growth means something else completely.

Personal growth during retirement

Personal growth during retirement mean growing as a senior without anyone to coax you to grow. Personal growth during your retirement is characterized by having a lot of freedom to grow at your own phase. Your growth during retirement means growing on your own. However personal growth normally takes a step by step process. Below are steps of designing your own personal growth path after your retirement at the age of 65.

Set attainable goals

Attainable goals are those goals which if invested in will produce the desired outcomes. It is therefore very important to set goals which will be attained in short run. Sometimes, we may set overambitious goals only to find that it is very hard for us to achieve them. Personal growth starts with setting attainable goals.

Accumulate the necessary resources

No growth can be achieved without the presence of necessary resources. One of the most important resource during your retirement is time. After you have retired, you have a plenty of time on your side basically because there are no routines and schedules to follow. With that idea in mind, your personal growth starts with investing properly on your time. Seniors are lucky basically because they have time on their side which could help them achieve personal growth they needed so much. Other resources crucial for your persona growth include family members, friends and your retirement finances.

Retirement is the beginning of personal freedom

Your employment could be that factor which has all along been barring you from attaining some of the personal growth and success you have been waiting for all your employment period. As soon as you retire, you need to take your retirement as the first step towards your financial freedom. With that, your retirement will be an experience which will make you happy that ever before.